How To Handle A Real Woman – S1:E6

Lexi Luna brings her accountant Juan Loco some water to drink as they sit together and go through her finances. Juan is well qualified in the financial department, but he’s still pretty awkward with such a hot woman who’s so comfortable with being in charge. When Juan announces unprovoked that he’s experiences with girls in addition to finances, Lexi puts him in his place. Booping Juan on the nose, Lexi tells him to stay put and that she’ll be right back.Lexi goes to her bedroom, where she slips her dress off so she can put some sheer black lingerie on. From her bra and matching thong to her stockings complete with garter belt, she’s as hot as it gets. Juan is diligently working away when Lexi returns dressed like the milf of his dreams. Lexi tells Juan to go ahead and seduce her, but when he fumbles the offer she takes charge. Grabbing his hands, she puts first one and then the other on her tits. Then she pulls her thong aside and shoves Juan’s face into her pussy so he can show her whether he’s any good with her mouth.From there, Lexi continues to call the shots. She has Juan get to his feet so she can evaluate his hardon, then drops to her knees so she can suck it while stroking her own clit. This horny mama can’t wait to get her kicks, so she leans forward with the support of the desk chair and urges Juan to shove it in from behind. From there, Lexi sits Juan down in the chair and impales herself on his fuck stick so she can ride him while shoving her big boobies into his face. Turning around, Lexi continues her ride in reverse cowgirl. She winds up leaning backwards on the chair with Juan pounding between her thighs until he pulls out to blow his load on her belly. Sated, Lexi suggests they may need another session tomorrow.